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Summer Hair Care | 8 Ways To Prevent Summer Hair Damage

Sun’s out, Guns out!

It’s the summertime and the heat is in full swing!

I know you gotta be soaking in the rays and enjoying the feeling of not being cooped up inside this year.

But fun in the sun shouldn’t mean your hair should get ruined!

Your hair takes a beating from the UV exposure being blasted out of that big fireball in the sky.

The heat dries out your roots and damages your hair’s softness.

Keeping your hair healthy and hydrated during the summer can be quite a challenge, especially if you’ve never followed any hair care routine before.

Luckily, we have some summer hair care tips in store for you so you can keep your hair in tip-top shape.

1. Keep Your Hair Hydrated

summer hair care hydrate your hair

The health of your hair depends on a lot of different factors.

One of the most essential means of summer hair care is keeping your hair hydrated.

Hydration is essential for your hair’s strength!

Sustaining your hair’s moisture helps to ensure that your hair maintains its flexibility, reducing the risk of shedding or breakage.

And the best way to keep your hair’s moisture levels high is by using a conditioner.

Conditioning your hair locks in moisture to keep your hair hydrated during the summertime.

It also makes your hair look fuller and feel softer!

The Hair Restore Conditioner is scientifically - formulated to dramatically improve the appearance of thinning hair via proprietary Technology®.

And, it contains a multitude of extracts, oils, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.

These ingredients are essential to promoting healthy hair and maintaining a beautiful mane.

Additionally, having properly hydrated hair will keep it looking sleek instead of frizzy on humid days.

The summer sun will have a heck of a hard time cooking the moisture out of your hair when you apply such a strong level of protection.

Lather it in, let it soak, and rest assured your beautiful strands will stay hydrated.

2. Use Products with UV Protection

sunset over a beach

Ultra Violet Rays?

More like Ultra VIOLENT Rays! (couldn’t help it)

The sun’s UV rays are incredibly damaging to your hair.

Just like your skin, the sun’s rays will dry out and burn your hair if you don’t use the proper protection.

Without incorporating products with UV protection into your summer hair care routine you can expect your hair to become brittle and discolored!

After enough exposure, people are going to notice your hair thinning out.

You’ll have so many split ends it will look like you’re wearing a terrible toupee made out of flimsy straw from a farm.

I know you want to protect the beautiful hair on top of your head.

And, you should! It takes the heaviest beating by far because (I don’t know if you’ve noticed) it’s smack-dab on top of your head.

Sure, wearing a hat would keep it protected from the sun without a doubt.

But you want to show off your great hair, don’t you?!?!

Then use products that contain UV repelling ingredients like Coconut Oil, Karanja Seed Oil, or Shea Oil.

These are only a few examples of great and natural ingredients that will take the impact of the sun’s beams.

Protecting your hair like a flack jacket from Ultra VIOLENT Rays. (sorry again)

3. Ghost Those Harmful Chemicals

summer hair care hair falling out

Honestly, looking at the ingredient list for anything these days will leave you crosseyed.

And a quick google search to find out what half of them are will make you pull your hair out.

That is if the chemicals don’t make it fall out first.

One of the most common chemicals found in shampoo is Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate.

This ingredient sounds harmless enough at first glance.

It’s a very strong detergent that binds with the sebum on your scalp when mixed with water.

When you go to rinse, the ALS takes oils and residue with it down the drain. Not too bad sounding.

That is until you realize some of those oils keep your hair from turning brittle and feeling like a scratchpad.

Other sulfates discolor your hair and compromise your follicles.

You probably enjoy playing with all of the little bubbles when you wash your hair. I

t’s okay, I used to too.

Ingredients like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate are what cause that foamy reaction.

But, what you don’t think about are all of those bubble’s toxic effects which literally destroy the foundation of your hair’s well-being.

Don’t be fooled by the fragrant bubbles.

Look for natural ingredients and stop stripping your hair of the natural oils that boost and colorful vibrance.

4. Hair Dies with Hair Dye

hair dye is harmful for summer hair care

This summer hair care tip may only apply to a select few of you today, but it’s an important tip to remember.

The next time you’re feeling spontaneous and start thinking “I’d look pretty boss with neon green hair” recall this tip.

Dying your hair is like dropping a bomb of chemical warfare on your head, especially when it’s in a recovering or fragile state.

The chemicals in dyes often break down your hair in order for the strains to retain the color pigments more effectively.

Especially if the dye uses darker or unnatural colors, because of the increased intensity in the chemicals.

Plus, once you dye your hair, you need to continuously reapply the hair dye when your roots start to show.

You are forced into repeatedly chemical bombing your hair over and over again until it’s destroyed.

Now pair your unprotected, dyed, and damaged hair with the brutal summer heat... It will look as colorful as it is dead!

5. Regularly Wash Your Hair In The Summer

man washing hair in summer

Unless you spend every second indoors with the AC on blast, you’re more likely busting a sweat under the sun.

The elevated temperature and blazing sunshine mean increased sweating and build-up of natural oils.

Eventually, your pores become clogged with all that summer fun time perspiration.

This will cause them to become irritated, itchy, and a perfect Petri dish for what will eventually become dandruff.

The limited circulation from scalp to strand will restrict the number of nutrients your hair would naturally receive to stay healthy.

And, if you’re frequently getting down and dirty with the earth the grit and elements will fortify the clogs in your pores.

Regularly washing your hair and scalp in the summertime is a great way to avoid having itchy skin and a head full of flakey dandruff.

The general rule of thumb is to wash your hair every 2-3 days with quality shampoo and conditioner in the summertime.

By using products with the ingredients and protective properties mentioned here, you can save the falling flakes to the snow in the winter.

6. Swimming ≠ Hydrating

swimming is bad for your summer hair care

Nothing feels better than jumping into the pool or the ocean on a hot summer day.

The water is cool and refreshing, and you feel revitalized.

But if you’re trying to protect your hair, then you better think about what’s inside that water.

Common pool chemicals, like chlorine and alkalinity adjusters, are incredibly damaging to your hair.

The oxidizing agents are meant to kill bacteria and prevent the of algae.

However, they rob your hair of nutrition and hydration.

Chlorine dries your hair out all the way down to its roots and leaves a damaging residue if not cleaned immediately after swimming.

Swimming in the ocean also leaves your hair dry and coarse.

It may not contain harmful cleaning chemicals, but the naturally high salt content in the water will dehydrate your hair all the same.

Plus there is always the added bonus of whatever other properties floating around in the water.

Who knows what’s out there, waiting to take shelter in your hair… ughh.

If you opt-out of wearing a swimming cap to protect your hair in the water, you should always remember to wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner as soon as possible after your done with your dip.

7. Reduce the Use of Heat On Your Hair

summer hair care reduce heat

During the summer, your hair has the natural tendency to retain more moisture to keep itself hydrated.

More often than not, this leads people to go pretty hot and heavy with the blow dryer.

This self-abuse adds to the additional heat damage it is going to receive outside.

The over-application of heat eliminates much of the hydration it would need to defend itself from the summer heat.

By drying out your hair before it’s even exposed to the elements you can expect to have split ends, a coarse texture, and thin strands that are more susceptible to breaking or falling out.

Girls, you may feel compelled to style your hair with a blow dryer or straightening wand, but try treating your hair with a style that fits the season.

Don’t worry Guys, there are options for you too.

8. Beat the Summer Heat

beat the summer heat with your hair

Right from the start of spring, take a proactive approach to protect your hair.

That way, by the time the summer rolls around you will have an established defense from the damages the season approaches.

Of course, it’s important to take care of your hair year-round.

But if you step up your game and get a jump on healthy hair treatments, you can take pride in your great-looking hair all the way through the dog days of summer.

Trim the ends of your hair to reduce split ends from occurring. Use conditioners to prevent your hair from breaking.

And start using products with UV protection before the sun gets a chance to hit you with everything it’s got.

Take Control Of Your Hair Today

These summer hair care tips work for anyone and everyone.

Whether you have a full and luscious head of hair, or you’re completely bald, you can use the tips provided here to protect your head and its threads from suffering in the summertime.

If your “mane” focus is protecting your hair’s health this summer, you will coast right into the fall without your hair falling out.

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