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Confidence Boosters | 13 Ways to Boost Your Confidence Today

We’re halfway through the year, and I bet you’re like me.

Still holding strong to the resolutions you made on New Year’s Eve that would improve your life and raise your confidence.

No, not really?

That’s understandable because we’re all human. We make mistakes, and New Year resolutions are often made with overinflated achievements and the highest of goals in mind.

However, I bet you have learned some things along the way to keep your confidence high and goals in mind.

And if you’ve lost all hope and have gone completely astray by this point, here are 13 self confidence boosters to keep in mind for the rest of the year.

1. Eliminate the Defeatist Attitude

confidence boosters clear your mind

The biggest threat to your accomplishments is yourself.

Or, more accurately, the mentality you carry before you even begin trying to accomplish your goals.

The mentality of a defeatist is a handicap and one of the biggest killers of any self confidence boosters you can think of.

A defeatist attitude is a negative mindset in which you believe you will fail before you even start.

You talk yourself out of achieving things by telling yourself you're incapable of success, even if you don't have any evidence to support that belief.

I understand it’s easy to be intimidated if you look at your problems this way because this is how I used to look at all of my problems.

But here is something I can not stress enough.

Once you start taking action, you will begin to see the results.

Stop dwelling on how something is a problem and start taking action to resolve the issue.

The hardest steps you take will be the first, and I guarantee it gets better from there!

Trust in yourself, and you’ll be surprised how most of the goals that seem impossible aren’t once you start.

They only seemed that way because you were subconsciously too scared to begin.

And that leads to the next point…

2. Realize that Failure and Quitting are Options

realize that failing is an option

Don’t let the possibility of failure overwhelm the view of any success you are making.

By being so afraid of failure, you’ll ultimately let it destroy your views of success.

Failure and quitting, by themselves, are options you can take.

Realizing that you never accepted them will make you appreciate all of the hard work and dedication you put forth when you achieve your goals.

This is one of the biggest confidence boosters for guys and girls because we often feel like failure is never an option.

If “a failure is never an option,” then progress becomes nothing more than work and can not reach a sense of achievement.

If you never choose to quit, you can look back and double the pride in yourself.

You can tell yourself, “Holy Sh*t! Not only did I do it, but I could have quit at any time. And I DIDN’T!”

Something as small as looking at the alternative easy way out and acknowledging you never took it is empowering!

3. Lockdown Your Morning Routine

hair restoration products

It’s been proven by psychology experts repeatedly that having a consistent routine promotes positivity and builds confidence.

Starting your morning with a solid routine sets the foundation for a better day.

Wake up and take a shower.

Make sure you have your products lockdown in the bathroom as well. 

Make sure to use a high quality shampoo and a high quality conditioner as well as a quality body soap to give yourself the best start of the day possible.

Self-conscious about your breath or teeth?

Brushing every morning will help reduce that worry of yours.

If you’re self-conscious about your weight, wake up a little earlier, squeeze in a cardio exercise before showering, and then eat a healthy breakfast!

Finally, make your bed and prepare a banging outfit for the day.

You can accomplish so much before you even take that first step out your front door!

Just find a routine that best benefits your time in the morning and repeat the process every time you get out of bed.

And I guarantee, as someone who changed their lifestyle from being a night to a morning person, this is an easily adaptable routine that will boost your confidence and jumpstart your production level throughout the day!

4. Stop Being so Critical of Your Efforts

confidence boosters

Another one of the biggest confidence boosters you can use is being able to give yourself a break from time to time.

Do you personally suffer from the self-imposed problem of being too critical of yourself?

Do you set a goal in mind, take steps to achieve it, and then judge every action you’ve made?

If nothing is ever quite good enough and everything can be done better, then you are slowly destroying your confidence and motivation.

While some may argue it is a beneficial trait, doing it too much is handicapping your confidence.

Despite being responsible and putting forth the effort, you will inevitably stop yourself from striving toward your goals if you only recognize your flaws.

It’s ingrained in our survival to learn from our mistakes, but if nothing you do is ever good enough, then that disbelief in your abilities will trickle down to how you view your own self-worth.

Take advantage of celebrating your progress moving forward.

Don’t turn the quality of your current results into roadblocks, and it’s a long journey.

Otherwise, no matter what you achieve, you’ll be left feeling unaccomplished in life.

You got this!

As long as you’re taking those steps towards your goals, then you’re doing more than the version of you who’s doing nothing!

5. Drink More Water

confidence booster water

This will sound so elementary to so many of you readers, but it is the truth!

Even as I write this, a 1500 ml jug of water within arms reach that I consume daily.

Water improves our health, fitness, appearance and promotes better moods.

Before, I didn’t believe that drinking water could assist in my daily life.

But now I feel healthier and more confident when I regularly consume the good ol’ H2O!

Do you know how you feel drained and miserable with a hangover? Well, it’s the complete opposite when you’re adequately hydrated.

You feel refreshed and maintain a feeling of mental clarity all day long.

And when you’re feeling sharp, you feel more confident.

6. You Aren’t The Heroes You Look Up To

hero worship

Having an idol in mind who inspires you to achieve your goals is great.

However, comparing your current progress to their long-term achievements is not beneficial.

Too many people allow themselves to become intimidated by their heroes.

They hear stories of what they’ve accomplished, often in exaggerated context.

It deflates the sense of self-worth because they trick themselves into believing they are not achieving the same progress in the same timeframe.

Most motivational heroes who are looked up to are typically celebrities, influencers, fictional characters, or someone whose career depends on good looks or confidence.

So instead of comparing yourself to them, gain confidence and motivation through them.

This is one of the best self confidence boosters because so many people compare themselves to others.

Don’t compare yourself to these figures.

You and they do not share the same life story or access to opportunities.

If they motivate you to push a little harder at the gym, study a little more, or even approach that person you’ve always wanted to connect with… Fine.

But comparing your success and failures to theirs is often going to leave you with feelings of inadequacy.

7. Change Your Perspective

change things up to help your confidence

So many things come down to mind over matter, and you can psych yourself out of success real fast.

To change your perspective, you need to change what affects you emotionally and mentally.

Find and become a source of positive influence and use that as one of your self confidence boosters.

Don't rely solely on a negative outlook that focuses on undesirable things.

Let’s take an easy example.

The majority of people find exercise to be hard work that punishes you for eating.

Simply by changing your perspective, you can convince yourself not to see it as a punishment but as a celebration of what you can do!

Because that’s what it is. It’s an opportunity to be a better version of yourself that future you will be grateful for.

It is one of the easiest self confidence boosters.

By switching from a typically negative perspective to seeing opportunity and positivity, you will wield a healthy mindset that inspires a healthier and more confident you.

The perfect juxtaposition to how a defeatist attitude slowly kills your confidence.

A positive perspective will boost your confidence and improve the life around you.

8. Exercise More Often

exercise as a self confidence booster

You may think you are doing just fine without incorporating cardio into your routine.

You may believe you don’t need to exercise because you are already a specimen of peak performance.

If that were the case, you wouldn’t be looking for confidence boosters in blogs.

And that’s okay.

But nothing boosts your confidence like exercise!

Working out improves blood flow and increases energy efficiency.

The release of hormones like testosterone is a huge confidence booster for guys and makes you more confident when approaching people.

The best part is, you don’t even need a gym membership to exercise.

There is a wealth of fitness routines that you can perform in your own home, or you can start with what you know and reach out for other exercises you can incorporate into your routine.

You can boost your confidence and your health today with exercises that only use your body weight.

Not only will you SEE the difference in time, you FEEL it immediately!

9. Motivation is the Snackfood of Progress

Stop looking for external motivators always to take that next step—the after you’ve already started.

It’s a common reliance to search the internet for motivational tips to get started and keep going.

But, no amount of motivational graphics or sayings can avoid the fact that you know what needs to be done.

Especially when doing it is the only thing stopping you from achieving it.

In most cases that is.

Sometimes external factors are a real problem that prevents you from being able to continue moving forward.

Or, you need to research to learn what it takes to achieve your goals.

But, most times, it’s one’s lack of self-discipline that prevents one from success.

Making even the smallest of life changes, from your mindset to daily habits, can be one the biggest self confidence boosters for yourself and help your ability to achieve!

10. Experience New Things

experience new things

Variety is the spice of life, right?

Learning new skills and traits not only enriches you as a person but also makes you more interesting to talk to.

By taking risks in new ways and opening up to the possibilities that the world has to offer, you will find a path to the confidence you never knew existed, mainly because you took the time to gain the experience.

By learning a new trait, like playing the guitar or carpentry, you will have something to show off while feeling a sense of pride in your accomplishments.

Your new characteristic will not only be new and exciting to the people you talk to but for you as well.

And you’ll feel more confident in yourself because you set out to complete a goal, and you achieved it!

Hell, even if you don’t meet the goal, no one can fault you for at least trying something new, right?

It’s a win-win!

11. Stay Productive

Staying productive is a great preventative from occupying your mind with negative thoughts.

Personally speaking, the thoughts that creep in to tear down my self-esteem often occur when I’m procrastinating and bored.

They say idle hands are the devil’s playthings.

Well, an unproductive mind is a catalyst for self-destruction.

By staying focused on completing a task, you avoid the impulse to let your mind wander.

And you’ll feel accomplished when the task has been seen through.

12. Reduce Alcohol and Substance Consumption

reduce alcohol for a confidence booster

Alcohol is fun; we can admit it.

But we also know that excessive alcohol use is damaging to not only your body but harmful to your soul too.

Escaping your problems with drugs and alcohol gives you a false sense of confidence that makes you nowhere near as fresh as you think you are acting while intoxicated.

By escaping the dependency on these substances, you gain a real confidence boost that makes you truly irresistible.

It makes you feel healthier and more established as the person you aim to be!

13. Consume Healthier Options

Between cutting back on the booze and drinking more water, you will feel 100 times better by improving your diet.

You don’t have to resort to drastic measures by eliminating every unhealthy option on the menu, but slowly replacing unhealthy options with nutritious ones will make a world of difference!

Instead of snacking on junk food, try baby tomatoes or another snackable vegetable.

Swap out the loaded fries with a salad or baked potato.

The smallest of changes make the biggest impact.

Enjoy the texture and the feel of fresh greens and produce instead of the garbage dopamine flood that comes from soda and sugary junk food.

When you learn to appreciate and manage the food that goes into your body, you will be confident in the energy it gives you to succeed!

Walk Tall and Confident in a New Way

The tips here may sound simple and that’s because they are.

Don’t hesitate in making the decision to believe in your abilities.

Know that you are capable of achieving the things you believe are impossible.

The hardest steps are the first ones you take, but those steps become easier to take the longer you maintain the pace.

You will become a confident beast amongst the masses.

You will gain confidence, and your confidence will gain you the attention you desire!

Believe in yourself and know the only one stopping you is yourself!

And you can beat your negative self by being the better, stronger person!