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Biotin Hair Growth for Men: Is this the Key to Thicker and Healthier Male Hair?

A study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology found that adult males suffering from male pattern baldness had lower self-esteem, decreased quality of life, and increased levels of anxiety and depression compared to men without hair loss.

While there’s a multitude of products that promise to help enhance male hair loss, many people prefer natural solutions that have no adverse effects on their overall well-being. Biotin (Vitamin B7) is one of the natural substances that science suggests may have a positive impact on hair health.

One question that many adult males struggling with hair loss ask is ‘can men take biotin?’ Simply put, the answer to this question is a resounding YES. But there’s more to it. In this article, we’ll jump right into the ins and outs of this ‘wonder’ compound.

Biotin for Men's Hair Growth

biotin foods for hair growth

First things first, it’s important to understand that Biotin is naturally available in foods such as nuts, eggs, and sweet potatoes. It serves many roles in the body, including the following:

  • Facilitates the breakdown of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats

  • Supports the production of glucose (the body’s primary source of energy)

  • Supports the synthesis of fatty acids and metabolism of amino acids and cholesterol

  • Maintains healthy skin, hair, and nails

The ‘Hair Growth Vitamin’

When it comes to promoting hair growth in men, Biotin works by improving the keratin infrastructure in hair follicles - resulting in stronger and healthier hair strands. It also enhances blood flow to the scalp to deliver the nutrients and oxygen that your hair follicles need to mature into a delightful mane.

Biotin Supplements for Men's Hair Growth

It’s obvious that men can boost biotin levels in their body by simply eating more of the foods that contain this ‘wonder’ compound. Often, though, that’s easier said than done. Many people have a hard time meeting their daily required levels from diet alone. Furthermore, factors such as aging and some medications can increase the body's demand for vitamin B7. Supplementation can be a convenient and effective way to ensure that the body has adequate levels of biotin to address male hair loss.

Types of Biotin Supplements

Biotin supplements come in all shapes and sizes, including powders, capsules, and gummies. Some supplements combine biotin with other vitamins and minerals such as Zinc to deliver more of the nutrients your hair needs to thrive.

Combining biotin supplements with a Shampoo or Serum can especially go a long way to give you the internal and external factors you need for a mane you can be proud of!

Benefits of Biotin Supplements for Hair Growth in Men

Wondering whether biotin supplements are for you? There are a few advantages. Biotin supplements are:

  • Safe and effective

  • Convenient and easy to take

  • Promote hair growth and thickness

  • Strengthen hair strands to prevent breakage and hair loss

  • Improve hair texture and overall appearance

  • Helps maintain healthy hair follicles and prevent hair damage

  • Support healthy skin and nails

Recommended Biotin Supplements for Men

Brand reputation is one of the most important things to put into consideration when comparing biotin supplements. You want to purchase from an established manufacturer that uses high-quality ingredients and has strong customer reviews to support their claims. The right biotin supplement should also include clear information on all the ingredients that are included in the product, along with dosage information. While there are countless brands to choose from, Hair Restoration Laboratories offers superior quality biotin-based hair growth products that have been proven to work for men.

Recommended Daily Dosage of Biotin for Men

Taking the right amount of biotin is important so that you create the optimal conditions your hair follicles need to mature. Science suggests 30 – 100 micrograms per day for men. However, some studies have implied that higher doses may be necessary to see significant improvements in hair growth. The best rule of the thumb is to adhere to the dosage guidelines labeled on the biotin supplement that you are taking.

Biotin Shampoo for Men's Hair Growth

biotin shampoo for hair growth

Biotin shampoo is another popular option for any man who is looking to alleviate hair loss. Unlike the supplement version, this is a hair care product that works by penetrating the follicles and strengthening them to prevent hair breakage and promote healthier hair growth. Many biotin shampoos also contain other hair-nourishing ingredients such as keratin, collagen, and vitamins.

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Using Biotin Shampoo with Supplements for Better Results

While biotin supplements work internally to promote healthy hair growth, biotin shampoo works externally to improve the overall health and appearance of your hair. Applying the shampoo in combination with the appropriate supplement can provide a more comprehensive approach to thicker and healthier hair.

Other Vitamins and Nutrients for Men's Hair Growth

Biotin is certainly a valuable vitamin for any man who’s looking to tackle hair loss and ensure optimal hair growth. However, in addition to this compound, other vitamins and minerals that can make a difference include Vitamins A, C, D, and E, Zinc, Iron, and Selenium. Natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera Gel, Saw Palmetto Extract, Rosemary Extract, and Argan Oil can also go a long way.

A well-rounded diet rich in red meat, lentils, leafy greens, omega-3 fatty acids and other foods can get you the right ingredients for better hair growth. But most people have a hard time sticking to a rigid diet. A good idea is to find a supplement that combines biotin with these ingredients, so you get maximum benefits for your hair growth. This can be a good way to ensure that you are meeting your daily needs without a compromise.

Lifestyle Factors that Affect Men's Hair Growth

Certain lifestyle factors that can impact hair growth in men:

  • High levels of stresses cause hair loss by disrupting the hair growth cycle

  • Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption damage hair follicles and thus contribute to hair loss.

  • A diet high in processed foods and sugar is known to cause hair loss and thinning.

It’s best, obviously, to adopt as healthy a lifestyle as you can in order to ensure healthy hair growth. Regular exercise, a balanced diet, and stress reduction techniques such as meditation and yoga can all unlock a lot of benefits for your skin, hair, and body. You can then take biotin supplements on top of these lifestyle modifications to make sure that you are getting the right levels of the essential vitamins and nutrients your hair needs. This ensures that you support hair growth from the inside out.

Conclusion on Biotin Benefits for Men

A growing body of scientific research has thrown its weight behind biotin as a solution for alleviating hair loss and boosting hair and skin health. A 2017 study found that biotin supplementation measurably enhanced hair growth and quality in both men and women with hair loss. Along with appropriate lifestyle modifications, biotin supplementation may be everything you need to unleash that healthy, strong, and vibrant hair!