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Top 7 Ways To Care For Thinning Hair In The Summer

For many of us, temperatures arerising, a sure sign thatsummer is right around the corner. But while summer offers some great opportunities for outdoor fun, the sun can really damage your hair and scalp.  

Summer haircare requires a bit of TLC. Finding the perfect regimen that protects your hair from the harsh realities of extreme heat and temperature swings or seasonal hair loss can be challengingparticularly ifyou’ve never made a concerted effort tozone in on what it takes to protect those delicate strands!

There are a few challenges that your hair will endure during summer months, depending on where you spend your time. Humidity, dry heat, sun exposure, chlorine and salt water are all factors that may prove distressing to your hair if youdon’t prepare it properly for the climate.

So, as you prepare for a bit of fun this summer, here areour absolute top ten tips for protecting your hair.

Use Hydrating Products

Just because it is now summer does not mean you canhold back on moisturizing! Hydration is essential for your hair’s strength, and hair moisture helps to ensure that your hair maintains its flexibility, reducing the risk for shedding or breakage. Your conditioner regimen is vital duringthesummer months as it is a simple way to ensure your hairis sealing in adequate amounts of moisture.  

The Hair Restore Conditioneris scientifically- formulated to dramatically improve the appearance of thinning hair via proprietary Halting Technology®.  And it contains a multitude of extracts, oils, amino acids, vitamins and minerals that, in combination, provide your hair ideal hydration, moisture and all that your scalp needs to maintain an ideal environment for healthy hair. 

The ingredients in the Hair Restore Conditioner can also helpstop your hair from frizzing during summer months. When hair lacks hydration, it tends to seek water from the air causing it to swell or become frizzy.

Choose Products that Provide Ultraviolet Ray Protection

Too much time in the sun is harmful toyourskin, but prolonged exposure can be just as damaging toyourhair.UVrays are strong enough to harm the cuticle or outer layer of your hair strands. Common signs of sun damage include split ends, frizzyor brittle hair, and even discoloration. Without proper treatment or protection, the hair will eventually shedor thin.

Choose hair productscontaining the best blend of ingredients, as this can go a long way to aid in shielding your hair from those potent rays.

Use a Shampoo and Conditioner that is Chemical and HairColor Friendly

If you have hair that is chemicallytreated orcolored, youwillwant to use a shampoo and conditionersuchHair Restore Shampoo and Conditioner Set to protect your hair from becoming dry or susceptible to damage during summer months.Colored and chemically treatedhair is notoriously weaker thanvirgin hair, so it’s vital you put the work in to protect it! Hair is more vulnerable to breakage and the addition of extreme temperature swings can further enhance that risk.

Keep Your Scalp Clean

The summer season can mean increased sweating and natural oil accumulation at the scalp level, leading to clogged pores and excess dirt or debris.Combined, these thingscan leaveyourscalp susceptible to scalp irritation or itching.
Duringthesummer months,your scalp mayalsoexperience a boost in dandruff. Each of these things combined may disrupt the hair cycle if blood flow is reduced or unable to carry vital nutrients to the area. Using the Hair Restore Shampoo willkeep your scalp properly cleansed and your hair healthy.

Take Precautions after Taking a Dip in the Pool or Ocean

Should your summer journey take you into the depths of a pool or ocean,makesureyourinse your hair as soonafter as you can. Salt water is dehydrating, andprolonged exposure to chlorinated water can be damaging to your hair and scalp. Chlorine not only strips your hair, breaking down the integrity and structure of those tresses, but it can also rob your scalp of its natural oils, triggering a nasty battle with dry hair.Colored or chemicallytreated hair, hair thatis already damaged or hairthat isnaturally thin or delicate may be at the most significant risk for chlorine damage.

There are a few actions you can take to protect your hair from the perils of diving into the pool or ocean –particularly if you are planning to do so frequently. First, you can use a swim cap if you are planning to expose your hair to saltwater or chlorine frequently this summer. Silicone swim caps are excellent for sealing out waterwithout snagging your hair in the process.

If you elect not to wear a swim cap, make sure to rinse your hair as soon as possible after stepping out of thewater so that you can flush those chemicals away. Shampooing your hair is even better; if you can wash your hair sooner than later as it will help to halt potential damage in its tracks.

Finally, deep conditioning is a must-have to counteract any potential risksofhair becoming dry or brittle.

Reduce Your Use of Heat to Style Your Hair

Using heat styling tools duringthewarmer months can considerably rob your hair of moisture if youaren’t careful. Ever notice that it can sometimes take you longer to dry your hair duringthe summer than winter? The hair is denser with moisture depending on your location, and it may force you to use heat longer than usual. The side effect of such practices can lead to split ends, more frizz, or thinning hair.Try using these tools only as necessary, or opt for summer-friendly styles that do not require heat.

Trim Your Ends

Finally, trim your ends as the season begins. Ultimately, you want to remove anything that might contribute to hair fall, such as split ends. If youdon’t gain controlof those pesky split ends, theywillcontinue to split up the hair shaft, encouraging breakage and shedding.


These seven fantastic tipswillhelp you protect and care for your hair during the summer—but remember,the most important part of sustaining healthy hair isusing products that will help you to maintain your hair no matter the season!

The Hair Restore Shampoo and Conditioner Set is an effective way for men and women to prevent hair loss or thinning that may accompany the season, support hair and reduce hair shedding or breakage.