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How To Take Care Of Winter Hair

Most of us are currently in the midst of dealing with falling temperatures, that will only get worse over the next few months.  If that is the case for you, then we want to offer you some quick tips on how to properly care for your hair during the colder months.  

What Happens To Hair In The Cold?

Have you noticed that you hair feels and looks different depending on the temperature?  If so, that is not your imagination.    

Studies show that, during warmer months, your scalp is more effective in producing its natural oils, causing your hair to feel smoother and softer and look shinier.  

However, in colder temperatures, the scalp does not produce as much of these natural oils, causing your hair to become drier.  Therefore, in the winter, your hair can become more brittle and prone to breakage.

keep your hair straight and healthy during winter

How to Care for Your Hair in Winter?

How can you help the appearance of your hair in the winter? Protect and moisturize it. 

Care for Your Hair in Winter

Here are some recommended ways to care for your hair during the cold:

1. Always wear a hat.

Hats are more than just a fashion statement. Not only do they protect you against the harmful UV rays, they also help draw out the natural oils that can be produced by your scalp. 

2. Cover your hair with a scarf.

Like hats, scarves are not just a fashion trend. They also can protect your hair. By minimizing exposure to harsh, cold air, a scarf can help prevent hair fibers from becoming too dry, which leads to breakage.

3. Moisturize.

Keeping hair properly moisturized is even more important during winter months.  If you are not already using a conditioner, such as the Hair Restore Conditioner, adding it to your hair care regimen is great way to help protect your hair against harsh elements.  Look for a conditioner that has essential, natural oils, such as  peppermint, jojoba, argan and sweet almond oil.

4. Wash your hair.

How often should you wash you hair in the winter?  Contrary to many opinions, so long as the hair care products you are using do not contain sulfates, parabens and other harmful, artificial ingredients, washing your hair every day is fine. Using Hair Restore Shampoo in conjunction with Hair Restore Conditionerwill help prevent shedding, breakage and winter damage.

Protect Your Hair Against the Cold

Protect Your Hair Against the Cold

Unfortunately, breakage can happen any time in the winter. That is because there are many factors that trigger it.  As noted above, one significant reason is that the scalp tends not to produce natural oils as effectively in the winter as it does during the warmer months. Without these natural oils, your strands are unprotected against damage caused by cold wind. Again, it is important to keep your hair properly moisturized by applying conditioner with natural oils.  Doing so will minimize breakage.

Hair Styling in the Winter Made Easy

Finally, the hairstyle that you maintain in the winter can also affect your hairs' ability to withstand the damage caused by the cold.  If possible, avoid hairstyles in the winter that do not inflict extra pressure on the hair and scalp, such as braids, twists, and knots. Avoiding these styles will help to further minimize breakage.

Hair Styling in the Winter Made Easy

While a strict hair care regimen is still crucial year-round, it can be even more important during the colder, winter months.  You can consider the tips we have listed above, as well as the complete line of Hair Restoration Laboratories' Hair Restore products to best promote healthy, strong and thick hair.