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How To Care For Thinning Hair

The way you care for thinning hair right out of the shower sets the tone for your hair for the rest of the day. Make it too heavy and you’ll have limp hair, but don’t treat it enough and your hair won’t hold a style. Worse yet, if you use the wrong products or are too hard on your hair, it will break.

Knowing how to dry your hair, which products to use, and even which type of brush is right for your thin hair. So what’s the right method for your thinning hair? It starts with how you dry it right out of the shower, we discuss this in detail below.

How to Dry Thinning Hair

The minute you get out of the shower, your hair needs a little TLC. Choose the wrong drying method and you’ll have broken ends, fly aways, and hair that drives you crazy.

Before you dry your hair, use a leave-in conditioner whether or not you conditioned in the shower. A leave-in conditioner detangles your hair, gives it moisture, and provides heat protection. This continues to protect your hair long after you get out of the shower and ensures more volume throughout the day.

Then choose your drying method:

  • Air dry – You can air dry thin hair with careful steps. First, wrap it in a towel for 10 minutes or so. Once you take it out, your hair needs product, a volumizing product to be exact. Spray the products over the roots, scrunch it through your hair and let it air dry. Once it’s dry, finish the style and hold it with textured hair spray.
  • Towel dry – Towel drying your hair is a combination of air drying and towel drying. To avoid breakage, use a micro-fiber towel, not a terry cloth towel. After showering, wring your hair out as much as possible. Pile your hair on top of your head and wrap it in the towel. Don’t let your hair completely dry in the towel, take it out after 20 minutes or so, and let the rest air dry after applying your favorite volumizing product.
  • Blow dry – If your hair is rather limp, blow drying it will help with volume. Most people with thin and limp hair let their hair air dry. When the water is too much weight for your hair, it dries limp. Blow drying after spraying your hair with a heat protectant will give your hair the volume you desire. Either blow dry your hair upside down or use a thick round brush with the hair on top of the brush to create volume, but do this when your hair is slightly damp, not soaked.

Use the Right Brush

Speaking of brushes, you must use the right brush to take care of your thinning hair rather than breaking it.

First, when you get out of the shower, use a wide-toothed comb to eliminate the tangles. If you use a brush, you’ll break your hair. Slowly work your way through your hair so you remove the tangles and keep your hair healthy.

Once you’re ready to style your hair, the right brush depends on what you need:

  • If you have dry hair, choose a brush with boar bristles. The strong bristles help distribute your scalp’s natural oils which decreases the dryness but doesn’t cause static.
  • If you want volume use a ceramic round brush and a blow dryer. Make sure the brush is vented and has boar bristles. The vented center helps your hair dry faster (less damage from the blow dryer) and the boar bristles give your hair the volume you want.

Add Volumizing Products

Don’t be afraid of styling products, just choose the right ones.

Heavy styling products weigh your hair down and increase the limp look. But the right products (volumizing) products give your hair volume. But it takes a combination of using the right product at the right time.

Any product you use should be volumizing.

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The Serum also contains vital hair strengthening, building and anchoring ingredients, such as keratin, hydrolyzed collagen and caprylic triglyceride to dramatically maximize the thick appearance of your hair from the very first application. Ingredients, such as vitamin C, vitamin E, sunflower seed oil, argan oil and jojoba seed oil provide intense nourishment to your hair, noticeably improving the strength, natural shine and vibrancy.

Choose the Right Hairstyle

Your hairstyle plays an important role too. Skip any hairstyles that put too much tension on the hair, such as ponytails, buns, or braids.

When you get your hair cut, ask for some layers. This helps build volume, making your hair look thicker than it is. If you want to add more volume, use Velcro rollers to get that extra lift. Simply roll the rollers into your hair when it’s just barely damp. Put your blow dryer on the cool setting and dry your hair the rest of the way.

Take the rollers out and finish with a texturizing spray to have the full volume you desire.

Take Good Care of your Thinning Hair

All hair is fragile, but thinning hair is even more fragile and needs extra TLC. Consider washing it every other day rather than every day and always use the right tools.

Use brushes with rough bristles, the wrong products, or overdrying your hair will leave it dry, brittle, and make it look even thinner.

Choose products that volumize your hair, but also protect it. Heat protectants protect your hair from blow dryers, hair straighteners, and other heat tools. They also protect your hair from the harsh environment and even the sun’s UV rays.

Don’t wear tight hairstyles and use caution when brushing your hair. Never brush it too hard or when it’s too wet. Let your hair naturally dry with a quality towel (micro-fiber preferred) so your hair dries looking full of volume.