Hair falling out while shampooing

Shampooing hair also collects many of the hairs that have already detached from the head. Some chemical ingredients in shampoos can be harmful and cause breakage or increased hair loss.

Anyone who notices an increase in how much hair they lose when they shampoo it in the shower may wish to stop using the product and opt for a gentler formula. If the increase is sharp, it may be best to see a doctor or dermatologist.

Hair shedding is not the same as permanent hair loss, which leads to the gradual thinning of the hair or a receding hairline. Shedding hair will regrow in the hair follicle. Hair loss occurs when the follicle stops producing hair.

A short bout of excessive hair shedding can occur due to stressful events or significant changes to the body, such as:

  • giving birth
  • changing or stopping birth control pills
  • losing a lot of weight
  • getting over a sickness with a very high fever 
  • recovering from an illness
  • recovering from an operation
  • losing a loved one
  • going through a significant life change, such as a divorce or job loss

As the body readjusts in the months following a stressful episode, the excessive shedding should stop. Within 6 to 9 months, the hair should be back to its normal thickness and fullness.  But, again, anyone who notices that they are losing much more hair than they usually do should see their doctor to help determine the underlying cause.

How to assess if you are losing too much hair?