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The Story of Hair Labs

maximum thickening serum hair restoration laboratories


This mission stems from our own experience. Hair labs was started because of our own experience with hair loss. After wasting years and endless dollars on ineffective products that claimed to work miracles, we didn’t see any results.

Shelves full of products delivered nothing but harsh chemicals, negative side effects, lackluster results and broken promises. After trying to find out some real answers, we realized that we weren’t alone in our experience. We know from our lives that hair loss is a deep, emotional experience, and millions of people are left disappointed and disheartened.

We Weren’t Ready To Give Up

So, we turned to science, scouring scientific journals and peer-reviewed medical research to see what real scientists were discovering about hair loss. What we discovered is that scientists had started to make legitimate inroads into the field of hair loss prevention and restoration, but those discoveries hadn’t made their way into robust, customer facing products, no one had put that science into practice.

We wanted to be those people.


So that’s why we brought together our dream team of experts.

To create a product line you can trust – that works.

And now, after a decade of intense collaboration with top chemists, scientists and hair restoration specialists, our Hair Restore product line has become a reality.

Today, we’re proud of the extensive scientific research we’ve done over the past two decades to create something that truly works and impacts the lives of 100,000s of people.

By trusting in our treatments like so many others do, we believe that you, too, can finally find the answer to your hair loss and promote healthier, stronger and fuller hair to become more confident and feel more youthful.


At Hair Restoration Labs, we take immense pride in the extensive scientific research that we have conducted over the past two decades to create a highly effective product that has positively impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. Our treatments have earned the trust of countless individuals, and we are confident that by placing your trust in us, you can finally find the solution to your hair loss.

With our advanced treatments, you can finally achieve stronger, fuller, and healthier hair, which in turn can help boost your confidence. And that can build a stronger, healthier and younger looking you.